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Welcome to my web. I am Mikie, otherwise known as Closet Rambo (my Counter-Strike name).
I have used the name Closet Rambo since Doom came out in about 1994 on many a FPS game server.

I thought perhaps I even invented and coined the phrase, which has become quite popular, but a Gentleman from ClosetRambos.org says that this phrase came out shortly after the famous film ("First Blood" with Sylvester Stallone 1982), made the name "Rambo" famous. I did think of this name independently and I could swear I never heard anyone use it but who knows.

In any event I am the one that owns the name Closet Rambo when it comes to game servers of any type (even though a few players have ripped off the name and used it for a short time).
I also use that name as an alias on many a forum.


Counter-Strike Maps I have done:

Stop.bsp Great for punishing bad players.  
de_missle_v2 NEWLY RE-RELEASED !! Pic
cs_port_D Day version Pic
cs_port_N Night version Pic-1 Pic-2 Pic-3
cs_city_house_BETA cant fix vis issues? Pic


Would you like Closet Rambo to come out of the Closet and open a six pack-O-whoop ass on you?

Then Email me at kmb@mikienet.com and if I have time I will join you online.